Friday, March 28, 2008

On Becoming A Fish....

Funny title since I am, astrologically speaking, a fish. Even more ironic that I'm not too fond of swimming- at least open water swimming. I don't hate it but, I do have a few little phobias around it. When I let my phobias get the better of me, well, I don't usually last long in the water. I think this year though, I will be able to put those phobias to rest (at least some of them). My swimming has come a LONG way from when I started back in 2003. I swam 3850m this morning in 1 hour and 25 minutes. 2 years ago that would have probably taken me close to 1hr 40 minutes to complete that workout. I had to swim a 600 m warm up and then 3x 1000m with one minute rest in between and a 200m cool down. It was supposed to be a 3800 m workout but I swam an extra 50 on one of my 1000's. My 1000 times broke down like this: #1) 21:28 (this was where I swam the extra 50) #2) 20:12 #3) 19:48. Yes, I broke 20 minutes! I was THRILLED. My Ironman swim time from LP was 1:19. This time around, I thinking I can actually do 1:15 easily, maybe even 1:10 if I seed myself correctly. I think I am ACTUALLY looking forward to the swim! Wow, never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth. We'll see what actually happens when I get into open water for the first time this year. I may change my tune.

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