Monday, January 28, 2008

Rollin rollin rollin......

This past week was my first really good week of training in a long time. No interruptions, no missed workouts, nothing. I felt pretty good for almost all my workouts except maybe my tempo run on Thursday. I suppose that was to be expected after the leg workout I did the day before. My running is progressing nicely as well. I am getting close to where I was when I was training for Boston (sweet!) My cycling is taking a bit of a hit though I think but I'm sure my training focus will shift a bit as I move forward. Although it's hard to tell when you're riding inside on the trainer too. The real test will be when I hit the roads in April in South Carolina (can't WAIT). I'm feeling pretty good about where my fitness level is going. I'm even thinking about getting some additional swim coaching! I'm starting to take this a bit more seriously in terms of wanting to get faster. I also think some swim coaching will help me feel a bit more confident in the water. Weird I know. For someone born under a water sign, I seem to have a lot of issues with water.

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