Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Progress

I finally got my heart rate monitor back from the repair shop. I had been using Gary's old one for the last month or so and his doesn't have a running pace function so I haven't had any clue as to what my pace has been. I've been doing a lot of faster run workouts over the last month so I figured I'd gotten a bit faster. I had a tempo run last Thursday and I wore my shoe pod. Holy crap. I was turning over 4:25-4:30 k's for my tempo set. At one point I hit 4:00k's.(truth be told I was on a slight downhill). I couldn't believe it. I felt GREAT too. It felt good to run that fast (in a weird sort of way). I had another fast run yesterday and I managed to average 5:03 k's even thought it was really windy. I am really looking forward to running the Chilly Half in March. I was really hoping I"d run 1:45. I think that should be possible or at least close to that. I've got another 6 weeks or so before the race so I'm sure I'll be a little bit faster by that point. I just have to stay healthy. If I keep going like this then it might even be possible for me to run a sub 4 hour marathon at Ironman. MAYBE. But I'm happy to entertain the thought.

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