Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tough Times

These last 2 weeks have been very difficult to maintain any sort of consistency. Work has been crazy and I've gotten sick...again. Although this one hasn't been as bad as the other 2 colds I've had. I got over it pretty quickly without having to take a day off work. It now seems to have traveled to my sinuses. I know I'm not completely better because my heart rate has been high the last 2 workouts I've done. It's so frustrating. I try to make sure I eat well, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and take care of myself. I feel like I've taken several steps back in my training. I've got my first race coming up at the beginning of March (half marathon) and I hope I'm ready. I know I can do the distance, but I want to do it well (i.e FAST). I'm thinking a trip to the health food store may be in order. People keep talking about Oil of Oregano and how good it is for colds. I might have to pick some up. I'm willing to try almost anything to keep the colds at bay.

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