Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Been A While...

since I've been on here but I am in full tri-geek mode now. I just found out I got accepted to Team Running Free! WOOOHOOOO! I'm very excited. I spent 3 hours riding on the computrainer today with Gary and a bunch of our other friends at Absolute Endurance. I tried to pace myself so I didn't die like I did the last time. It kind of worked. My legs were still really sore at the 2 hour mark but I don't think I was as bad as the last time and I still had enough left in the tank to push 230-301 watts for the last km, which is HUGE. It almost killed me to do it but I did. Then of course I get slagged for not working as hard as I should have on the bike because if I did I wouldn't have had anything left to push that wattage. Whatever. I do tend to take it a little easier on the bike just because I don't know how to pace myself properly and I don't want to blow up. I've blown up on the bike before and it's not pretty. Especially when you've still got a long way back. Gary keeps telling me it's ok for that to happen because each time it happens it will take longer for it to happen the next time. Bah. If it's happening every time I go out, I won't want to go out any more. Anyway, I get another chance to ride on the computrainer next week during the Spin-a-thon. Rick and Sue have put together a spinathon at Absolute Endurance to benefit Tri For A Cure again. Should be a really good time!

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