Sunday, April 27, 2008

2.5 months and Counting

The countdown is really on now. And so the really hard work begins. Our week in South Carolina was good; not as good as our first year (at least for me) but good none the less. I had a really good ride our first day out even thought it was windy, I still managed to push the pace a bit and keep myself together until the last 45 minutes or so. It was a bit of a struggle to get back to the cabins. But I was happy. I climbed well and managed to hang with the boys (even if I was at the very back) so I was pleased. I didn't ride as much as the first year (only 350k) but I think I really needed a break so I took the time to enjoy myself and relax. I climbed Ceasar's head again this year. I was about 2 minutes faster this year than 2 years ago so I was pretty pleased with that.

I had a lot of foot issues later on in the week. I'm not sure what the problem is - it might be my orthotics, I don't know but I'm having a lot pain in my metatarsal area on my left foot so I've been getting "hot foot" on the bike and suffering through my runs by altering my gait slightly. I really need to get that looked at so I'm going to call Pivot tomorrow to see when I can get in to see their foot guy. I really hope I haven't done anything bad to it.

The last couple of months have been a BIG struggle for me mentally. I have been lacking serious motivation and most of my workouts see me just going through the motions (especially my swim workouts). I don't think I push myself as hard as I should, although, that being said, I'm obviously doing something right as my cycling has improved. My running is suffering at the expense of my riding but, that seems to be the way the plan goes. We're supposed to start some track workouts in the next few weeks so I'm hoping that my running comes around again. Obviously I need to get my foot issues sorted out first.

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