Sunday, May 18, 2008

Warranty Expired

Less than 2 months to go and I am totally falling apart. I thought I had solved my foot issues but now some different pain has manifested in my bunion. My running is suffering big time; I've gotten a lot slower and I can't seem to physically manage getting through a long run without feeling a LOT of pain & fatigue in my legs. I've done one long really long run so far and that was 2 hours about 2 months ago! I was supposed to run 2 hours today but I couldn't do it. Mainly because I pinched a nerve in my neck / shoulder so I could barely swing my arms. Now, I'm a LOT of pain, I can't even turn my head to the right, nor can I move my head forward so I'm not really sure how I'm going to race tomorrow. I've signed up to do Victoria's Du, a 4km run, 25km bike and 4 km run but if I"m still like this tomorrow I won't be able to race. The last month has been very frustrating. Work has been super busy and my training has suffered. I have to focus on remaining consistent over the next few weeks if I'm going to see any gains in my training.

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