Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

I had a great week training this week. I thought for sure this weekend would be pretty good, despite the fact that I got my period early. I was SO wrong. My ride on Saturday was tougher than the week before. I was so bloated that my shorts were digging into my abdomen and causing me a huge amount of discomfort. I had trouble taking in any liquids or food, which in turn, caused me to run out of energy early on. The ride back to the car was tough. My heart rate was high and I was wiped out. We stopped off at Gary's sister's place to visit the kids and say hi to his folks and then made our way home. I was feeling chilled and very tired. I went to bed really early even though the clocks went back an hour. I didn't have a great sleep but it was better than the night before. I had a headache when I woke up and I figured it was because I was dehydrated. I headed out with Gary with the intention of running for an hour and a half. My pace was REALLY slow (6:30-7:00 min kms) and my heart rate was really high (upper zone 2, low zone 3). Not good. My abdomen was still really bloated and my fuel belt was not helping the situation. I shuffled along with Gary and then he went on his way. I ran out for 32.5 minutes. That was more than enough. I couldn't take any more. I turned around and started back. I felt like I was overheating. I shuffled along some more and then stopped. I had to walk. I felt horrible. My stomach was churning and I was exhausted. I think the fact that I hardly ate anything yesterday didn't help matters. I had no fuel in the tank. I should really know better than that! I ended up walking home. Gary caught me with about 2km left to the house and walked back with me. I got in the shower and cranked the heat. I was freezing. I wrapped myself up in my warmest clothes when I got out. I felt tired and woozy so I made some eggs and toast. I had a cup of coffee and felt even worse. I was starting to burn up. I tried to have a nap but felt restless. I took my temperature and the thermometer read 101. Great. Now I'm sick. Or fighting something. Great. I hope that whatever this is is gone by tomorrow.

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